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What is The TaijiFit Experience?

TaijiFit is the most unique workout to come along in decades. It’s a ride along the wave of your Inner Power, like surfing on your own life energy – the Qi. It combines the best elements of fitness, meditation and the ancient martial art of Taiji (Tai Chi).

When you take a TaijiFit class, you find yourself moving your body with the grace and confidence of the ancient Taiji masters who learned the secret of balancing yin and yang – strength with beauty, power with peace, endurance with flow. There is no routine or choreography to memorize or “get right.” The TaijiFit instructor will lead you into the Flow using the Qi Cueing method developed by David-Dorian.

How can I become a TaijiFit Instructor?
We believe that TaijiFit may change the way we look at fitness, by combining the best of both worlds – “East meets West in Qi and Sweat.” Becoming a certified TaijiFit™ instructor starts by enrolling in our Basic Training course – the TaijiFit Flow™ course. Most of our teacher training is conducted online through state of the art interactive video. We believe this captures as much as 85% of the in-person training with much less cost – but with much greater flexibility. The trainings are conducted Live, with an instructor who can see you, answer questions and give real-time feedback.



Exploring the Frontier of How We Teach and Learn Taiji

David-Dorian Ross is the creator of TaijiFit: Bootcamp for the Soul, and the founder of the TaijiFit instructor training program. He is America’s “Chi-vangelist,” whose public appearances introduce people to the benefits, accessibility and sheer joy of learning Taiji (T’ai Chi). Inside Kung-fu Magazine called him “the man who brought T’ai Chi mainstream.”  Martial arts action star Jet Li called him “the American Idol of Tai Chi.”

David-Dorian is the host and star of the PBS special T’ai Chi, Health and Happiness. His previous show on PBS was called T’ai Chi in Paradise, produced on location in Hawaii with Hawaiian Public Television.  David-Dorian’s Taijii instructional dvds have sold more than 1 million copies world-wide, and his program “T’ai Chi Beginning Practice” is the best-selling T’ai Chi dvd of all time. His book Exercising the Soul is a #1 Amazon best-seller.

David-Dorian also holds the record as America’s competitive T’ai Chi Champion – winning 8 US Gold Medals, a World Silver medal and 2 World Bronze medals in T’ai Chi performance (still the highest record of any American T’ai Chi athlete).



Teacher Training

Leading the world in LIVE online training
Basic Training • 200-Hour • 500-Hour Program



The TaijiFit Teacher Training program is for both those wanting to share Taiji and for the genuinely “Taiji curious” alike. Whether you want to become a TaijiFit Instructor or just deepen your own personal practice – this is an opportunity for you to join a community committed to self-discovery and personal transformation.

Although we still conduct in-person Teacher Training seminars throughout North America, TaijiFit is a pioneer in the use of live internet training. This has allowed us to welcome students from all over the world. Now you can train with recognized a Taiji Master Teacher and his faculty, no matter where you live. All you need is a computer, internet access and a webcam.

The TaijiFit Teacher Training’s core mission is to produce inspiring leaders with strong teaching skills. We don’t expect everyone who completes our training to become a teacher, but whatever your path, our training will guide you on the path of Harmony, and the mastery of Power (Qi Energy), Freedom and Flow.


Basic Training Details

All participants who successfully complete TaijiFit Basic Training training are licensed to use the TaijiFit name and logo, but they are not yet fully certified until they have completed the full 200-hour certification. They identify themselves as “enrolled in the 200-hour program” exactly the same as the RYT yoga students. They are able and encouraged to start teaching TaijiFit, as practical hours are a requirement for the full certification.

TaijiFit Basic Training Curriculum – 60 hours:

  • TaijiFit Flow – 30 hours (includes University style on-line study, the Webinar with Movement series and the live movement intensive)
    • Functions of the TaijiFit Instructor
    • Theory of Flow
    • Qi-cueing method
    • Observation and Assessment Skills
    • History and Philosophy of Taiji
    • Biomechanics
    • Authenticity in TaijiFit
    • Movement Practicum
    • Final Exam
  • TaijiFit Strength – 30 hours (includes University style on-line study, the Webinar with Movement series and live movement intensive)
    • Use of Apparatus for Conventional Fitness and Taiji
    • Flow as the 6th Component of Fitness
    • Impact of Flow on Individuals, Fitness Industry and Public Health
    • Principles of Synergy
    • Qi Theory
    • Qi-cueing using Apparatus
    • Movement Practicum
    • Final Exam


200-Hour Program Details

Ready to take your practice to a whole new level? Gain a deeper understanding of the many layers of Taiji, advance your practice, develop confidence, and find your voice. For those who want to teach, our comprehensive teacher training program will mark the beginning of your successful career as a TaijiFit teacher.

The 200 hour training is a series of In-Person workshops, webinar based trainings, Tests and Practicums.  People who take this program will gain proficiencies in the following areas:

  • Principles of Taiji and how they are used to induce Flow
  • The science and art of sequencing a TaijiFit class
  • How to observe and see bodies in Flow
  • The art of the voice
  • The importance of the usage of imagery
  • Confidence though practice teaching
  • Taiji history and philosophy

This foundational Taiji training is designed to give you a transformational experience.  You will gain a deeper understanding of all things Taiji and become part of a likeminded community.  For those who want to teach, this will mark the beginning of a successful career as a TaijiFit teacher.

Requirements: The curriculum must be completed within 12 months of enrollment. This program is the first step towards becoming a Master Trainer, Master Trainers will be chose from our Graduates of the 200 hour program based on their abilities, commitment and enthusiasm for TaijiFit to continue on to our Master Training Program.

Cost: Rather than price this out in a lump sum program we have decided to keep it as a pay as you go program, so has not to break your pocket book all at once.  The estimated cost when you have completed all of the required hours is $3500, cost will vary depending on what programs you sign up for web vs live trainings vs retreats.

Mandatory Program Requirements  – Approximately 160 Hours

  • Basic Training Course – Via Webinar Plus or Live ( You can repeat the Basic Training Program Once to count towards your 200 Hours)
  • TaijiFit 2 Go Course – Via Webinar or Live
  • Member of the Instructor Forum – (must be a member for 1 year)
  • Practicums – Complete Live or Via webinar Practicums on TaijiFit to Go and Basic Training
  • Written Exam – Complete TaijiFit written exam
  • Traditional Taiji Forms Training – 30 sessions (you can apply 10 past sessions prior to TaijiFit training towards the 200 hour program)
  • Teach 30 TaijiFit Classes
  • Attend 5 Master Classes online or on location
  • Complete 5 Mentoring Sessions with Master Trainer

Electives – 

  • Repeat Live or Webinar Trainings – Limited to two per category
  • Attend a Retreat (maximum 2 retreats applied for the 200 hour program)
  • Marketing Workstudy Hours – (maximum 10 hours) Apply to Market local workshops or provide apprentice marketing services to TaijiFit.
  • Retreat Workstudy Hours – (maximum 10 hours) Apply to assist in Marketing and/or set up at TaijiFit retreats.
  • Attend Webinar Elective Courses -(maximum 5 hours) These are non-master classes that are designed to help you to succeed in Marketing, Promotion and Self Development as a TaijiFit Instructor.
  • Apprentice Hours – (maximum 10 classes) Conduct Free Daily Qi classes


First Step, click on the Teacher Training application below to apply and send it to info@taijifit.net.  Once you are accepted, if you have been in trainings with us prior we will give you the rundown of how many hours you have completed so far.  Then you will be supplied the forms to track the remaining hours.  If you have any questions regarding the program please email deanna@taijifit.net.

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500-Hour Program Summary

Details coming soon – please check back!


Master Classes & Workshops

Details coming soon – please check back!



Email: info@taijifit.net
Phone: 714.916.5094

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