Tai Chi for Veterans

A New Program to bring free tai chi to our nation's heroes.

Instructors Wanted.

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TaijiFit, LLC (TaijiFit) is pleased to announce it has contracted with Optum, who has been selected to manage the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Community Care Network (CCN). TaijiFit will help to provide Tai Chi networks in your region on behalf of Optum.

TaijiFit would like to invite you to become a TaijiFit network provider for the VA CCN. VA CCN brings together the health care services of the Veterans Health Administration and supplements them with the network of community health care professionals, institutions, pharmacies and suppliers to provide timely access to high-quality health care. By becoming a VA CCN provider, your practice becomes visible to a greater patient population. 

Participation will benefit your practice, and eligible Veterans:

  • Any Veteran who is eligible to receive care in the community due to either time or distance-eligibility may be issued a referral from the VA to be seen in your practice.
  • Participation gives you an opportunity to serve a greatly respected population of individuals who have bravely served our country.
  • TaijiFit is committed to serving Veterans by providing you with exceptional assistance and support.

To qualify, Instructors will need
to provide the following:

  • Ability to pass background check
  • Complete training in Vet's Tai Chi 
  • Provide Tax ID Number
  • Obtain/Provide Business license
  • NPI Number
  • Liability Insurance

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Application is free.

If you really want to be a part of the new Tai Chi for Veterans program, and help bring free Tai Chi to the women and men who have served our country, then fill out the application below. Applicants are accepted by a variety of factors, such as current ratio of instructors / veterans in any particular area. We promise to respond within 48 hours.


I already teach Tai Chi. Do I have to learn a new style or form?

I'm new to Tai Chi. Can I still apply?

Will I have to stop teaching my current style of classes?

How much do I get paid for these veterans Tai Chi classes?

Can I mix my veterans in with my existing students?

Can I teach in my existing location, or do I have to travel to work with the veterans program?

I don't have a venue. Will I be assigned to one?

Are there costs involved?

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