One of the things that makes our TaijiFit courses so great is playing great music. We don’t follow a beat in TaijiFit – instead we learn to move “under the beat.” We follow the Spirit and the emotion of the song, and let the Taiji movements “Flow” out of us. As you put together your own classes you can use any music like – music that speaks to you, and inspires you to guide others into a Flow state. But to help suggest some ideas, here are the playlists that I use in my classes.  Enjoy! This playlist (TaijiFit Strength Playlist #2) can be used for either a Flow class or a Strength class. I picked songs that were both popular (to give the class some mainstream appeal) and emotionally powerful (so we could move into a deep Flow state right away).

Here’s My Latest Playlist:

TaijiFit Strength Playlist #2

I put this together to use with Strength apparatus, but I love this playlist so much that I use it for all kinds of classes!

Flow Playlists:

TaijiFit Flow Playlist #1

This was my first “official” Flow playlist – it has an eclectic blend of music. I’ve started to pay more attention to the length of each song.

TaijiFit Flow Playlist #2

This is my “spiritually uplifting” playlist. Lots of MC Yogi songs – I find them really energizing!

TaijiFit Flow Playlist #3

After our first TaijiFit Experience free event, I immediately realized the need for multiple playlists. You need to be able to switch up the music to match your class make-up. This list is really mellow – the closest I come to Spa music.

TaijiFit Flow Playlist #4

I’m a huge fan of old school R&B. This playlist is Philly or Detroit in the summertime. Make some iced tea, turn the fan on and let the Qi flow…

TaijiFit Flow Playlist #5

This is one of my favorites. Each song calls forth the possibility that Yes – we CAN make a difference. Don’t give up – as long as we still believe, we’re winning.

TaijiFit Flow Playlist #6

Lately my playlists have been more contemporary. But you be the judge – do you like these songs?


TaijiFit Strength Playlists

TaijiFit Strength Playlist #1

This playlist has lots of songs on it – and every one of them could be used either for an empty-hand segment or an apparatus segment.

TJF-PDXPlaylist copy