What is The TaijiFit Experience?

TaijiFit is the most unique workout to come along in decades. It’s a ride along the wave of your Inner Power, like surfing on your own life energy – the Qi. It combines the best elements of fitness, meditation and the ancient martial art of Taiji (Tai Chi). There are no set routines to memorize – instead just follow the lead of the instructor. They will guide you into the Flow.

How can I become a Taijifit Instructor?

Are you the kind of person who wants to help others learn Balance and find their own inner peace? Becoming a licensed TaijiFit™ instructor starts by enrolling in our Basic Training course, where you will learn the basic class format known as TaijiFit Flow™. The course is in two parts: a web-based course on basic theory and methods, and a live-stream Movement Skills course.


Founder and Creator of Taijifit

David-Dorian Ross is the creator of TaijifitMindfulness in Motion™, and the founder of the Taijifit™ instructor training program. He is America’s “Mindfulness Mentor” known around the world for using technology to introduce people to Taiji (T’ai Chi), yoga, meditation and other mindfulness practices. Inside Kung-fu Magazine called him “the man who brought T’ai Chi mainstream.” Martial arts action star Jet Li called him “the American Idol of Tai Chi.”


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