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Announcing 2 NEW TaijiFit Websites

We are so excited to announce the re-design of our website, TaijiFit.net, and the official opening of our two new websites, StudioTaijifit.com and TaijifitAcademy.com.

These three websites represent the main activities and services we offer at Taijifit: 1) A boutique studio that offers a variety of full-length activity classes that you can attend online, in real-time; 2) a full time Tai Chi academy that accepts students from all over the world, to study the legacy of traditional Tai Chi and how it transitions into modern times and 3) a robust teacher training certification and licensing program - one of the most rigorous in the world.


     1. You just want to take a class  (live or recorded)

You want StudioTaijiFit.com

  • Theres a button right there on the home page to get directly into the live FREE Flow classes
  • You only need to sign in if you want to watch the recorded show
  • Or….you want to take the full-length classes (live or recorded). There’s two levels of membership for you.  Check it out!

If you currently have a membership at the Studio, your monthly subscription charge is about to GO DOWN. (Don’t hear that very often, do you?) Judy and David-Dorian will be reaching out to all current subscribers to help them transition the new website and the appropriate membership.

      2.  You want to become a certified Taijifit instructor (and find instructor support)

You want TaijiFit.net

  • This is the website where new instructors can sign up for training, both live and online.
  • Licensed instructors can log in here and find all kinds of instructor resources.  (Forms, marketing materials, articles, blog posts, new choreography and more. This is being re-done at the moment. Check back again soon.)
  • This is also where current instructors can find the link to join the monthly Instructors-only Training webinar - exclusive live training with David-Dorian Ross  (Oh and recordings as well).

GOOD NEWS!   If you are currently an instructor, your monthly license fees are  going to GO DOWN!  We are revamping out whole licensing model.  The CONTINUING EDUCATION SUBSCRIPTION is only $4.95 a month. An ANNUAL RENEWAL FEE is $49.  That's a savings of almost $200 a year.

PLEASE NOTE: These changes will be rolling in over the next few weeks.

     3.  You want to learn traditional Tai Chi or become an advanced Taijifit Instructor

You want TaijiFitAcademy.com

  • This is really the place where all the parts of TaijiFit come together.
  • Classes 5 days a week.  Students from all over the world
  • Classes in traditional Tai Chi forms, swords, fans and more
  • Chen style with Joshua Grant
  • TaijiFit Theory, Philosophy and advanced training.

Start with the BEGINNERS MEMBERSHIP - $49 a month. Class Every Wednesday (should you miss a class it will be recorded for later viewing.)


Want more info?  Want to take a FREE INTRO class? Send me an email at ddr@taijifit.net


nobody likes change

I hear that all the time, but I actually believe we embrace change every day - as long as it's change we like! Most of the changes to these websites have come directly from your requests, suggestions and comments. I hope you'll find the features easier to navigate and more to your liking. But in the transition period, please don't hesitate to let me know if anything goes wrong or you find it hard to log in. Here's my direct email: ddr@taijifit.net