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TaijiFit is the safest and easiest way to try Tai Chi, yoga & meditation.

Online classes, with live instructors, fellow students, and three-way video and sound.

You're probably Curious. Maybe even "ready" - as in ready to try a mind-body system like Tai Chi, yoga or meditation. Maybe you're curious because you've read that science now knows that Tai Chi can stop the advance of Alzheimers and cure depression, that yoga can alleviate arthritis pain, and that meditation can bring inner peace. Or it could be you're "ready" to just find a really good workout - one that doesn't take up all your time, and that you can do for the rest of your life. In other words, you are a beginner to these practices - and you're looking for the right place to start.

​But if you're like many who look for a starting place, you may already be confused, frustrated or even turned off. How do you pick the best method or style? How do you know what a good teacher is like? Maybe you've already tried a class or two, but you've been put off by rigid traditions or strange names and titles. Not to mention trying to find a class convenient for your schedule and close to where you live. In other words, you're this close to giving up on Tai Chi and signing up for CrossFit or Zumba instead.

We don't blame you! We believe that it should be easy and uncomplicated to begin exploring a system like Tai Chi or yoga. In fact, the practice should bring you joy, not struggle. All of the benefits of these workouts accumulate over time and really take effect the longer you practice. The best way to insure long-term practice is to literally "fall in love" with your practice. It should be stress-free, it should be convenient and it should involve great people.

How It Works

Imagine the deck of the Starship Enterprise. There on the big screen is Starfleet Command; in the captain's chair is Kirk. They can see each other, they can hear each other. Yeah - it's kind of like that. We use state of the art video streaming technology to bring you a live class that is as close as you can get to being in the same room.

In other words, all the students can see the instructor; the instructor can see all the students and the students can all see each other! All you need is a webcam and an internet connection. (By the way - turning on your camera is optional. It's fine with us to be shy or private - many of our students choose that option.)

Three-way video and sound is what makes us the industry leader. This is not passive webinar classes - you get personalized instruction, detailed corrections​, and the ability to get answers to your questions. TaijiFit International is dedicated to bringing the absolute best learning and practice experiences to students all over the world. You can study with us from everywhere and anywhere - because our studio is as close as your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

Why We're Best for Beginners

By bringing our classes directly to you through streaming video, we save you time and stress. Some of our students live in areas where there a few if any classes available. Some of our students are challenged to find the time to get to class in between work, commute and taking the kids to soccer practice. Now you can attend the live classes from anywhere, and if you miss a class you can take the same class on video on your own time. And your instructors include some of the top Masters in America - respected experts, national champions and world record holders.

We make traditional Tai Chi, yoga and meditation more fun and accessible. It's our special blend of music, cueing, story-telling and humor. We understand the science of anatomy and physiology, and the psychology of learning and personal growth. We endeavor to be masters at making mind-body experiences that are safe, fun, positive and inspiring.

If you're a beginner, we want to give you the best and most positive experience you could possibly have. But we also fit with folks who might have tried meditation, yoga or Tai Chi in the past and didn't like it so much. We give them a reason to love it again, with classes that can take them deeper into their practice. And for those who find real inspiration in the TaijiFit approach, our teacher training program will prepare you to share what you found with others.

Our Vision and Values

We believe that the world could be a more compassionate, benevolent and authentic place - and we're doing everything we can to help make it that way.

Compassion: Our commitment to operate in a "judgment-free" zone, because we recognize that everyone has been through pain and suffering sometime in their lives.

Benevolence: To love each other like family - even strangers, and especially those in a position of lesser power or advantage.

Authenticity:​ To speak and act according to our own true nature, and to be honest and transparent.

Our vision and values reflect what we call the "legacy" of Tai Chi, yoga and meditation. Tai Chi, yoga and meditation are time-tested methods that make inner peace and outer health more than just ideas - they make them physical, tangible realities. The ancient masters of these disciplines recognized that their practices could someday make the world a place of peace and prosperity.

Their legacy is also practical - peace and prosperity doesn't come at the snap of your fingers. You have to unite body, heart and mind to each other. You have to practice to make it permanent. This is our Taijifit Principle #1: We get best at what we practice most; we get worst at what we practice least.

TaijiFit is a "school without walls" for Tai Chi, yoga & meditation.

Online classes, with live instructors, fellow students, and three-way video and sound.

What Our Students Say...

I was very skeptical of online training because I love the human interaction. But David Dorian Ross and Taijifit have created and implemented such an amazing interactive training that I feel I actually receive more attention to detail with the live two way zoom platform. I learn from expert master trainer David Dorian Ross in person one on one right from the comfort of my home. Why would anyone settle for the gym around the corner when they can access greatness in person online.

Kristin O.
Syracuse, NY

I have been a yoga teacher for over a decade and really wasn’t sure if online instruction was a practical way to teach movement skills. David-Dorian did not disappoint! The training was excellent and my student base has actually grown! I now also teach online and I have found no loss of the personal connection that I find important in my classes. Taijifit is accessible to anyone, anywhere and I’d recommend the program to everyone with an interest in finding and sharing ways to keep moving!                                            

Heather S.
Toronto, Canada

Learning Taijifit on line. I have to tell you it is great. I've taken group classes in tai chi before but it just didn't seem to sink in or stay with me and there wasn't the individual help I have gotten through Taijifit. It is so easy to follow and understand what is happening. David-Dorian Ross  not only teaches the moves but also gives the history, background and personal stories to help the students understand the moves and enjoy the "dance". I highly recommend it for anyone.

Judy W.
Ranch Cucamonga

Meet the Founder - David-Dorian Ross

David-Dorian Ross is “America’s favorite” Tai Chi master teacher. He has been studying Tai Chi since 1979 from some of the top Masters in the world. He’s also a US and world record holder in Tai Chi forms competition.

David-Dorian is an international competitive Tai Chi champion. He is a former member of the San Francisco Wushu team, the US National Tai Chi team and two U.S. National Wushu teams. He competed at the first World Wushu Championships in Beijing in 1991 and was the only non-Asian out of 42 participating countries to win a medal. He is an 8-time US gold medalist, World silver medalist and 2-time World bronze medalist in Tai Chi forms competition. He is the only American, and the only non-Asian, in the world with this record.

Inside Kung-fu Magazine called David-Dorian "the man who brought Tai Chi mainstream.” He has written, starred in and hosted more than 100 instructional dvds, television specials and television series. He is a Professor for The Great Courses, and his program The Essentials of Tai Chi and Qigong is the #1 selling dvd collection in the world. He is a featured expert for YMAA Publications, and his dvd “Tai Chi Fit Over 50” is the #1 New Release in Amazon’s Top 100 fitness dvds.

David-Dorian is also the executive producer of “24 Hours of World Peace Livestream,” a live webcast of World Tai Chi Qigong Day events. Bill Douglas, the founder of World Tai Chi Qigong Day, dedicated the 20th Year to David-Dorian for his contributions to the theme of world peace and harmony. International action film star Jet Li called David-Dorian “the American Idol of Tai Chi” and brought him to China to be the international face of his online TaijiZen Academy. David-Dorian is the only master of the TaijiZen method outside of China.

Last week, 2771 people joined in our daily classes ...

Hi - I'm David-Dorian Ross, founder of TaijiFit International. I've been teaching Tai Chi, yoga and meditation for more than 40 years. It's my passion and my joy - and I believe it can help bring the world we live in back to Harmony.  We  pioneered the use of live-streaming for meditation, yoga and Tai Chi in 2009. We set the stage for remote learning that is fully interactive and personal. Now you can study with experts and Masters no matter where you live, in the comfort of your home, office, studio or hotel - on desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Try it for a week - it'll change your life!

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