About 200 Hour Program

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Explore the Classical Style of Tai Chi

Ready to take your practice to a whole new level? Gain a deeper understanding of Taiji (Tai Chi), advance your practice, develop confidence, and find your voice?

The 200-Hour Tai Chi program is designed to bring you to a higher level of accuracy and proficiency – in your movement skills and in your cueing and choreography. The emphasis at this level is on understanding and being able to demonstrate the structure and style of Classical TaijiQuan (Tai Chi Chuan).

Requirements: The curriculum must be completed within 12 months of enrollment. This program is the first step towards becoming a Master Instructor.  Master Instructor candidates will be chosen from the graduates of the 500 hour program based on their abilities, commitment and enthusiasm for TaijiFit.

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The 200 Hour Program has 7 parts.

Every facet of the 200 Hour program is focused on developing your skill and understanding of the traditional structure of Taiji (Tai Chi).

  1. Traditional Tai Chi classes (at our online Qi(squared) Center
  2. Webinar Series
  3. Attending online classes
  4. Teaching Hours
  5. New Class Formats
  6. TaijiFit Immersions
  7. Practicum Sessions – Final step

The cost of the 200-hour program is $2500, but each part is taken a la carte.

Apply to Enter the 200 Hour Program


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Because the 200-hour program is focused on developing your understanding of traditional Taiji (Tai Chi), the first step in this course is to enroll in classes at Qi(squared) – our online school for traditional Taiji. We hold classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. You will learn traditional empty-hand forms, sword routines, fan forms as well as the interactive Tai Chi for Two game of Tui Shou. The minimum enrollment requirement for the 200-hour program is 6 months, but students are welcome to stay on as long as they wish!

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Webinar Series
  1. Tai Chi and TaijiFit seminars. (40 hours) These 2-hour monthly webinars cover a range of topics from the “Architecture of Tai Chi and TaijiFit” to “How to Bring Out Flow in Others.” Learn new moves, nuances of the technique – even stories about the history of Tai Chi and the ancient Masters. These are live-streaming classes, typically offered twice each month. See below for a list of the webinars in the series.
  2. Combos-of-the-Month (15 hours) These informal and fun classes break down another TaijiFit move or combination every month. These 1-hour classes are required for all licensed TaijiFit Instructors – but they are also open to anyone!
  • The Architecture of Tai Chi and TaijiFit parts 1-4
  • Frolic of the 5 Animals Qigong
  • Eight Sections of Brocade Qigong
  • Creating the Dance parts 1-2
  • Mastering the Will parts 1-2
  • How to Find Flow in Myself
  • How to Bring Out Flow in Others
  • The Art of Transitions
  • and more…


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  1. Daily Flow classes
  2. Full-length TaijiFit classes
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  1. Leading online Daily Flow classes
  2. Offline TaijiFit classes
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  1. TaijiFit Strength
  2. TaijiFit-to-Go
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Once or twice each year, TaijiFit offers 4-5 day immersive experiences at beautiful, tranquil locations. These Immersions usually combine classes in both traditional Tai Chi and in TaijiFit. Every year we introduce new content into the overall curriculum of TaijiFit, and those who attend get to experience the new material first.

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