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#1 Professional Tai Chi Teacher Training in America


TaijiFit International is the #1 Tai Chi teacher training program in North America. We are the official providers of Tai Chi classes to our US military veterans. We are also the only training program that assists our graduates by helping them get placed in actual paying jobs. We are the only educational course recognized by all fitness certification organizations as well as the national association for acupuncture and Oriental medicine. TaijiFit International invites you to join the fastest growing network of certified Tai Chi instructors.

The TaijiFit Basic Instructor training will teach you how to lead others into a Tai Chi experience easily, effortlessly and enjoyably. Your students don't have to memorize any complex movements, principles or routines - and are never corrected or criticized.

You will learn how to lead a class based on a concept we call "FLOW," using our special cueing and assessment method. In the full training (Parts A & B) you'll learn all the essential techniques and philosophy of the method, along with a beginning repertoire of 18 movements, and two beginners' routines.

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Our Recruiting and Placement Program

TaijiFit is the only Tai Chi teacher training program to offer help getting placed in actual paying jobs teaching Tai Chi for our corporate wellness and healthcare partners. Qualified graduates of our training program who pass a standard background check can sign up for our referral network. Currently we are working to place approximately 1000 instructors throughout the Northeastern region of the United States.

Basic Training Part A

Part A of your training is the foundation course, to teach you the fundamentals of TaijiFit method and philosophy. This segment is roughly 60 hours of training and study - based on the average time most students take to read through the manual, review all the videos in the library, attend the online sessions (including Daily Flow Shows when possible), attending the live weekend training (if that is your option) and of course self-practice. You will learn about the Flow Theory, Tai Chi biomechanics, 5-part Qi-cueing and of course the first Basic Flow routine.

Basic Training Part B

Part B of your Basic Training is approximately 40 hours of coursework and practice.  In this segment, you will be introduced to the concept of "no corrections" in TaijiFit. Instead we use alternative formats. In fact, you'll learn a second routine that your students can do seated in chairs. You'll also learn observation and assessment skills, safety standards and how to represent the TaijiFit brand. Best of all, in Part B of your training you will be assigned a personal mentor - and advanced TaijiFit teacher - to guide you to passing your final exam.

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