You help others when you bring them to Flow.

Would you like to help others find the key to Balance and Harmony? Then you might be just the person we are looking for. TaijiFit™ Instructors guide their students into a state of rhythm, connection and inner harmony that we call the state of Flow. In that state your movement becomes freer, the energy inside you is awakened, and your mind becomes peaceful and calm. You find balance. And when you find balance – everything just works better.

Scroll down to find out more about our TaijiFit Instructor Basic Taiji Training program.

Our TaijiFit Instructor Basic Training program has five simple parts.
  1. The Theory and Methods Course (online)
  2. Mentor-guided practice
  3. Attending 5 of the Daily Classes
  4. The Movement Skills Webinar
  5. The Instructors’ Corner (continuing education platform)

*The total cost of the TaijiFit™ Instructor Basic Training program is $198 plus $24.95/mo for continuing education.

University style on-line self-paced study, accompanied by email lesson series

  • Once you are enrolled, you will gain access to an online self-paced course on the theory and methods used to bring out Flow in your classes. Each module includes reading from your instructor manual, slideshows and instructional video. Some of the modules include:
    • Functions of the TaijiFit™ Instructor
    • Theory of Flow
    • Qi-cueing method
    • Observation and Assessment Skills
    • History and Philosophy of Taiji
    • Biomechanics
  • In addition to the web-based modules, you will also receive a series of emails with supplemental narrated slideshows.
  • Each new trainee has up to 60 days to complete the Theory and Methods Course and enroll in the Movement Skills webinar.

All trainees are assigned a Mentor, and must meet for a minimum of 5 (five) online sessions.  The Mentors are all advanced TaijiFit Instructors who are currently enrolled in the 500-hour program. They can help guide you through the course material, answer your questions, and introduce you to the wonderful TaijiFit community. We have found that working with a Mentor is key to successfully completing your training.

Must attend a minimum of 5 (five) of the free daily online classes. We offer free online TaijiFit classes Mon-Sat at both 6am and 5pm Pacific time. These classes are the heart of our program. They offer a place for you to get a firm grasp on how classes are conducted, and what the TaijiFit Experience is like. But more importantly, the Daily Classes are where our community comes together. To be a good TaijiFit Instructor, we believe you must also be a good part of the community.

Live group training with Master Trainer via 2-way video

  • This is the final part of your TaijiFit Instructor Basic Training. This 3-4 hour intensive webinar reinforces and tests your ability to demonstrate and use the 5-part cueing method.
    • Must complete Theory and Techniques before taking
    • Review of the 17 Movements Basic Repertoire
    • The 5 Basic Combinations
    • Includes enrolling in the monthly Instructors’ Corner program ($19.95/mo)
  • Once you have successfully passed the Movement Skills webinar (and completed the other requirements) you will be able to teach your own TaijiFit Flow™ classes, and help bring a little balance into the lives of your students. Welcome!