Business FAQs

What kind of people come to a taijifit class?

We really do see all kinds of people come to our classes – young, older, men, women, athletes and beginning exercisers.taijifit has something for every “body!” But our typical class goer is a 38-year old woman who is dedicated to her personal health and fitness. She is also interested in both personal style and mind/body/Spirit wholeness – which is why she wears Lululemon and may take yoga, Pilates or Zumba classes. But right now she is having to piece together her mind/body practices from various sources – and she’s looking for a more consolidated solution. taijifit is that solution.

How do taijifit Instructors make money and create a career?

TaijiFit Instructors make money the same way as other fitness instructors:

  • Establish your own classes and charge per attendee (we recommend $5-$10/class)
  • Work in a commercial gym or studio and get paid per class. We have a robust business development outreach and our dedicated staff is constantly looking for instructors to place in local fitness and community centers throughout the country.
  • taijifit also has additional opportunities, like our taijifit Flex and taijifit Wellness programs.

taijifit Wellness (Office Zen)

If you would like to work in the corporate wellness environment, then our new taijifit Wellness program may be for you. In October 2013 we will be officially opening taijifit programs that offer expanded wellness solutions inside both large and small corporate wellness centers throughout the US. To be eligible to become one of our corporate providers, you must hold at least a current taijifit Instructor Level II certification.

taijifit Flex

If you would like to work with our Baby Boomers and Beyond (the fastest growing segment of fitness consumers) then taijifit Flex may be for you. We are currently partnering with the Healthways Silver Sneakers Flex program to bring taijifit to the more than 9 million eligible senior exercisers in the US. This program provides a steady source of revenue, and we will actually work with you to market to your students and fill your classes. Best of all, medicare and most insurance plans will pay for their classes.