Marketing and Promotional Documents

We have compiled a number of documents that Licensed taijifit Instructors can be use to support the marketing & promoting of taijifit programs:

  • taijifit Marketing Kit_June 2013 -This PDF document gives you some starting thoughts on how to talk about your taijifit class to potential students.  It also helps you position taijifit to gym/club/studio owners, to help them understand why they should want to have a taijifit program.
  • DDR and Flow Press Release -This press release format can be used as a template for your own press communications.
  • DDR Press Kit B-1 -The full press kit for David-Dorian Ross & taijifit, which supplements the above Marketing Kit and provides more useful information on how to sell taijifit programs to the public, other fitness professionals and gym/club/studio owners.

As a Licensed taijifit Instructor, you can use all of the graphics documents you see below.  If you right-click on the image with your mouse (or hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard as you click with your mouse)  you will be able to download these to your computer for use in any of your own promotional material:

  • taijifit-Banner  This PDF file is a 2′ x 1′ banner.  One of our Instructors printed it out at 2x the original size for a 4′ x 2′ banner and was quite happy with the results!








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