Intro to taijifit Flow

By David-Dorian Ross

Nov 02


Course Background and Intent
Welcome to the Basic Instructor Training program for a new Taiji (Tai Chi)-based fitness/meditation program known as taijifit.™ Graduates of the Basic Instructor Training course become taijifit Instructors.”
The taijifit Flow™ course is the basic level of certification. This course will prepare you to teach TaijiFit™ in a variety of environments: gyms, senior centers, community centers, resorts & spas and even in outdoor parks. At the end of this training, you will be able to construct and teach a TaijiFit™ class, use contemporary music, make it fun and exciting, and still keep it authentic to the principles of Taiji.

Course Description
In this course, you will be introduced a revolutionary way to bring Taiji to the general public – a way that makes this workout fun, “hip,” and accessible to anyone. You’ll learn to break down and teach 17 different TaijiFit™ exercises, using a 5-part cueing format. Each movement is taught using a unique application of functional fitness principles, which makes it much easier to learn these mind/body techniques. You’ll also learn about the history of T’ai Chi and its relationship to modern fitness theory; the traditional postures and principles that will keep your T’ai Chi authentic; and the recent medical discoveries by the Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical school and others that show T’ai Chi’s benefits for those with obesity, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and more.

Learning Objectives
1. Demonstrate the ability to induce, maintain and restore a Flow state using taijifit movements.
2. Understand the history and philosophy of traditional TaijiQuan and the evolution of modern taijifit.
3. Learn the essential body position and movement principles of taijifit, and be able to apply them to 17 core moves of the Basic taijifit repertoire.
4. Apply the 5-part cueing method and the 4-part functional breakdown to every movement in the core repertoire, as well as taijifit moves learned in the future.

How to use this self-study course
The taijifit Basic Instructor Training course combines several different learning platforms: live interactive classes held online, instructional pre-recorded videos, slide shows and the written manual. The self-study portion can be found in the following course units.  Each unit will introduce you step-by-step to all the concepts, techniques, movements and combinations that are part of the Basic Training material.

Download the Instructors’ manual here:

You can start by downloading a copy of the Instructors’ manual to your computer or mobile device. We recommend that you use the manual as a reference book – particularly useful once you have gone through the online course.





Watching the lecture presentations
Each unit contains a pre-recorded lecture and narrated slide show presentation. We recommend that a) you watch these in order, and b) you watch them more than once.  In addition to the lecture videos, each Unit includes at least one short video lesson on one or more of the movements from the 17 core repertoire. We also recommend watching these more than once. In fact, we recommend that you go back to them for review after you have taken a number of the Daily Flow Show classes. At the end of each Unit you will find a short quiz. You must successfully pass each and every quiz in order to complete the Basic Instructor Training course. (NOTE: This requirement is waived until further notice.)

Practice Teaching

You will find that there is a simple philosophy at the heart of all levels of taijifit training: We get best at what we practice most; we get worst at what we practice least. At some point, further study will not help you be a better instructor – only a better student. So it is very important that you begin to practice teaching. If you already teach another modality of movement, try adding a few of the taijifit movements into your classes.  If this is your first time leading a group class, ask your friends and family to be your guinea pigs!  In either case, have fun – and share the Qi!

 TaijiFit Core Repertoire Video Library

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