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Now taking a TaijiFit™ class is as easy as 1-2-3! 1: Use our directory of instructors to find a class near you. 2: No local instructors? Then take a FREE live-streaming class from your home or office. 3: Ready for full-length and specialty classes? Then become a member of Studio TaijiFit.

Taijifit is a mind/body “exercise” that combines the best of traditional Taiji (Tai Chi) with modern Western fitness. It’s a class that’s appropriate for any age or fitness level – and has you experiencing the FLOW of Taiji whether it’s your first class or 100th. In fact, you can drop in or out of the class without ever getting lost. There are no routines to learn, or set choreography to remember. Instead, you simply follow an instructor trained in our special method known as “Qi Cueing” – designed to bring your body into perfect synergy with your mind and Spirit. It finally makes Taiji accessible to anyone regardless of age, experience or fitness level.


taijifit is the most unique workout to come along in decades. It’s a ride along the wave of your Inner Power, like surfing on your own life energy – the Qi. It combines the best elements of fitness, meditation and the ancient martial art of Taiji (Tai Chi).

When you take a taijifit class, you find yourself moving your body with the grace and confidence of the ancient Taiji masters who learned the secret of balancing yin and yang – strength with beauty, power with peace, endurance with flow. There is no routine or choreography to memorize or “get right.” The taijifit instructor will lead you into the Flow using the Qi Cueing method developed by David-Dorian.