TaijiFit Fundamentals

The basics of TaijiFit, and the starting place for all TaijiFit instructors and Academy students. 

  • Theory of TaijiFit
  • The Concept of Flow

10 Lessons

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Traditional Tai Chi

Understand the structure and principles of traditional Tai Chi.

21 Lessons

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Advanced Teacher Training

Our third level focuses on advanced TaijiFit theory and deepening the craft of being a TaijiFit Instructor and/or traditional Tai Chi teacher.

18 Lessons

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Mentoring and Advanced Tai Chi

At this level, you will learn how to mentor other students and instructors through the Academy curriculum, to achieve their personal and professional goals.

11 Lessons

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TaijiFit Masters

At this level, students explore the greater internal nature of both the practice and the business of TaijiFit.

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TaijiFit Instructor Basic Training

Study materials for the TaijiFit Instructor's basic course, and preparation for the practicum.

4 Lessons

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